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No. The Parker Rewards Program is an incentive program that is designed to encourage you to learn the features, benefits, price points, operation and safety aspects of Parker's crossbows and compound bows, and in turn reward you for selling Parker compound bows and crossbows. You can earn enough Reward Bucks to redeem ONE (1) Parker Compound Bow, ONE (1) Crossbow and ONE (1) Crossbow Accessory Package (either Premium or Trophy) may be redeemed per year per participating salesperson. Sales Associate can redeem up to 60 Parker Bucks worth of Parker apparel listed on the Rewards website.

Provided that you are also the retail salesperson who is selling Parker bows and crossbows to consumers, you can participate and register your individual sales. You may not register the sales completed by your retail sales employees.

No. The Parker Rewards Program is not a volume rebate program for retailers. Instead it is an incentive program for retail salespersons to sell Parker products. The Parker gear (bow, crossbow, accessories and apparel) redeemed under the Parker Rewards Program are intended for Personal Use Only.

No. The bow and crossbows redeemed under the Parker Rewards Program are intended for Personal Use Only.


Yes. Two accessory packages are available to redeem. The RED HOT Premium Accessory Package and the RED HOT Trophy Accessory Package. Limit 1 (one) accessory package per sales associate.

No. Unfortunately, if your manager or owner says you cannot participate, then we cannot allow you to sign-up. If you would like, we can discuss the advantages of the Parker Rewards program with your store owner or manager - Contact our Marketing Director by using the Contact Formor by calling: 540-337-5426.

Yes! You can save up your Parker Bucks to use for the $1,000 giveaway only. If you would like to do that, simply don't redeem for any Parker gear. At the end of the Rewards Program on December 31, 2018, those unused Parker Bucks will be used in the $1,000 giveaway. A winner will be selected on 1/1/2019 and notified via email.

Retail Sales Professionals

If you are a retail sales professional that sells Parker compound bows and crossbow. Sign up today! It is simple and only takes 2 minutues.

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